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Product Manual for Portable Disinfector
Product introduction
   This product is a portable disinfection equipment, and it releases ozone by using the way of DC increased pressure to Ionize the oxygen in the air. The ozone has the effect of strong broad spectrum sterilization.
Ozone is a light blue gas with strong permeability, good diffusion, uniform concentration, no dead angle, and no secondary pollution. Strong germicidal ability: the germicidal ability of Ozone is comparable to peroxyacetic acid and higher than other disinfectants.
    In the "Technical Standard for Ozone Disinfection" issued by the Ministry of Health in 1991, there are clear regulations about the sterilization and disinfection effect of Ozone, the scope of use and the method of use. Among them, the sterilization and disinfection effects of ozone were clearly affirmed: "Ozone sterilization and disinfection effect: Ozone is a broad spectrum sterilization and disinfectant that can kill bacterial mildew and Bud cells, viruses, fungi, etc., and can destroy Botulinum toxin. Ozone kills bacterial faster in water than chlorine. "
KRECO portable multi-function purifier
Adopt international leading purification technology on the basis of light water ion technology, join the new purification technology of "super high-order accelerated catalytic technology secondary development"

Extraordinary net power in 30 minutes
① Sterilization rate 99.99%, remove all kinds of odors and odors
②Formaldehyde, benzene, TOC exceed 5 times and completely decompose
③ 100% killing of mites
④Continue to keep fresh without ice

Technology support
①Superoxide molecule: deodorization + sterilization
②Water ion: decompose formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC
③ Rare earth elements: degradation of carbon monoxide
*Small body and great wisdom 
Small space purification
Car interior purification
Toy clothing purification
Washing machine sterilization
Food preservation and degradation of pesticides
Refrigerator sterilization and deodorization

*Product parameters and instructions
1. Product size: 98mm * 98mm * 36mm
2. Net weight: 168g
3. Appearance material: ABS (flame retardant)
4. Charging voltage/current: 5V/1A(Type-C USB interface)
5. Battery capacity: 2000maH
6. Power: ~ 3W
7. Ozone mass: 100mg/h
8. Applicable disinfection space: <5M³
9. time of once disinfection: 30min
10. Use time with once recharged : < 2H
*Standard Configuration
Standard Accessories: Host X1   specification X1   USB charging line X1
*Operational instructions
Power on: Long pressing the power switch over 3 seconds, the product goes into the countdown 30 minutes disinfection mode with the breathing light flashing green.
Shut down: when power-on or in the disinfection mode, long pressing the power switch for 3 seconds can shut down the device.
Charging: After inserting the Micro USB charging line, the breathing light flashing red indicates that the device is in charge.